Social distance

2020 03 22 Life

In my last article, I shared some information about emergency preparation. Another concept of this coronavirus game is social distance. Social distance is about avoiding unnecessary close contact face to face with others.

A time for nerdy guy

In the long and no end hope self-quarantine days, the social person first becomes frustrating. As for me, an introvert nerdy man, it’s a time for relaxation and self-enjoyment. From Jan 23 to Feb 12, I had been stay at my home all the time. After that, the company called for recovering work, so I worked remotely in February. All the time since then, I find myself become more aware of my time and arranged it carefully. I’ve learned SwiftUI and iOS programming. And start my first iOS Application. Despite that I’m still in my way to finish the Application, I feel I never had a time in my life so productive. Maybe such a long time can be a chance to reflect oneself and be ready for the next journey in the life. Especially, as a person doesn’t socially active that much. I even keep away from others on purpose. Therefore, if there isn’t any death because of the disease, the chance to have such a time isolate from the world doesn’t that bad at all. Or in our daily life later on, if God allows us to continue, the regularly rethinking and focusing is really nice to have.

Throw it away

The words come from a song I highly appreciate:

Throw it away, you can throw it away, … give your love, live your life each and every day.

— by Abbey Lincoln

Maybe when you truly in a situation that health is been threaten, you can finally think what you have to do and what you love to do. Most things around us don’t have to do. Especially for Asians, they want to attend a famous school, buying luxury houses, having high social acknowledgment. They work pretty hard and follow the rules. But they seldom have time to do something reflects their desire.

A distance from others, let you have the space to decide things and take action. You can give up any goal and activity. Also, you don’t need to be apart from all your friends, family and the one you love. Just know you have the right to select, decide.