Facing emergency

2020 03 11 Life

The beginning of 2020 is a disaster for many people in the world. With the outbreak of Wuhan Coronavirus (WHO named 2019-), many parts of the world especially east Asian are in the shadow of fear. As the infection continues, I found this is an opportunity to thinking and take action to prepare kinds of emergency.

What kinds of emergency we may face?

Depends on the different areas we live in, the possibility of disaster events may vary. But the common situation may include Extreme weather, pandemic, and fire. If your city surrounds by nuclear plants, the nuclear explosion should take into account.

Like the city I am now living in subtropical and near the sea, extreme weather may include hurricanes, floods, and extreme heat, pandemic may include dengue, influenza, fire include home fire, workplace fire.

What common action shall we take to prepare?

The preparation starts with having a way to receive alerts from the local weather station, CDC. For fire, get ready fire alarm in your home or office. To find ways to receive alerts, try to visit the local government’s website, local weather station’s website or CDC’s website. Or call the local government’s public help department. In your own house, having smoke detectors in rooms and a temperature sensor in the kitchen is also useful.

The second part of the preparation is an emergency kit. This part may consider different kinds of emergencies in your local place. The common things in your emergency kit include bottled water, emergency foods, flashlight, common medicine pills, face mask, tools like radio, large battery phone to receive and send messages.

The next preparation is financial preparedness. In general, A six to twelve month worth of money plus some cash is enough for many kinds of accidents. As I already have an emergency fund of my one year expense, this part is almost done. All I have to do in this part is to prepare some cash. Because in my country nowadays people tend to not use cash, so I don’t have any in hand.

Websites recommend for preparing emergency

Most countries have their emergency management government department. Their websites provide much useful information to help you prepare you and your family in many unusual situations. The following are some of the websites I often refer to.

1. [Ready.gov](https://www.ready.gov) 
2. [American CDC](https://www.cdc.gov)
3. [Gemerny BBK](http://www.bbk.bund.de) 
4. [Hongkong SAR, Department of Health](https://www.dh.gov.hk/scindex.html)

I hope everyone has a nice and peace 2020!